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Immunogenicity Assessments

Immunogenicity Assessments

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Immunogenicity Assessments

  • Technology for Immunogenicity Assessments
    UPP has vast amount of experience in anti-drug antibody assessments using various analytical platforms including ELISA, MSD, Biacore and flow cytometry. The presence of neutralizing antibody can be assessed using either cell-based or non-cell assays based on the mechanism of action of biopharmaceutical product.
    • Non-cell based comparative LBA assays
    • Cell-based neutralizing antibody assays


  • Scope of Services
    UPP has vast amount of experience in in methodology development for immunogenicity assessments based on mechanism of action and product characteristics. Our experienced scientists can perform comprehensive data analysis and interpretation for PK, TK, PD and immunogenicity results and provide scientific recommendation for product development.



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