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LC-MS/MS Biological Sample Analysis

LC-MS/MS Biological Sample Analysis

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LC-MS/MS Biological Sample Analysis

UPP can provide sample analysis services for small molecular bioanalysis using LC-MS/MS in support of
preclinical and clinical studies. In addition, UPP has accumulated rich experience in LC-MS/MS
bioanalysis for peptides and protein therapeutics.


Experience in Biological Analysis using LC-MS/MS 

PK and BE studies for small molecule therapeutics
Peptide and protein bioanalysis
PK for conjugated molecules, e.g., ADC, PDC and PEGylated products
Experience in liposomes, micelles and nanoparticles products
Endogenous molecule bioanalysis
Natural products and traditional Chinese medicine


Instruments for LC-MS/MS Platform

More than 20+ LC/MS/MS and HRMS instruments including Sciex 7500/6500+/6500/5600/5500
QTRAP/5000/4000 and Waters TQS

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